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About the Sticks

Version 3 is the current iteration of DiaGlo which brings many improvements from previous models.
New improvements are always being designed and tested too!

Stick Dimensions

Durable Materials

Each stick is hand-crafted from a durable plastic material, the same kind of plastic that's used in bulletproof windows. This also allows them to be hollow, making the stick lightweight and great for play. An additional frost is added to the sticks that allows the entire body to be illuminated.

Top Threaded String

The string attaches to the top and threads inside the stick. The ends have been smoothed to not fray the string, and also allows the string to rotate so it doesn't get twisted during play.

Single Frame Body

Unlike most other LED sticks, the entire stick is designed as a single piece, which gives more durability and a lighter weight. The bottom is covered with a durable cap to cushion and endure hits on the ground. The light weight, brightness, and durability work great for stick tossing tricks!
*Custom orders for different lengths is possible. Please allow for extra time to manufacture if ordered.
Draco Diabolo

Creating the Ultimate LED Stick

These sticks were designed by a professional diaboloist with the goal of having them be comfortable, durable, fully illuminated, lightweight, rigid, and allow for easy string replacement. One set was used in over 50 of his shows, still holding strong afterwards. The single color LEDs lasted for ~20 shows of 15 mins before dimming. That's a total of 5 hours performance time on the batteries!

What Customers Think

Matt Hall

"I've tried all kinds of glow props.  Chris's creations represent a next step in the evolution of these types of implements.  I can do my entire standard diabolo routine with these sticks, and that's as it should be.  Bravo!"
(IJA Medalist & Teacher)
California, USA

Arthur Hyam

"The DiaGlo sticks are a pleasure to use. They are easily the best lit handsticks on the market today. They may surprise you with how rigid they are while not being obscenely heavy. Definitely worth any diabolo enthusiast getting a pair!"
(BYJotY & Professional Entertainer)
London, UK

Jeremiah Johnston

"The moment I saw Chris using his LED handsticks, I knew they were a game changer for diabolo performances. Appearance, durability, and functionality collide, giving stick release tricks the attention they deserve. They've made LED diabolo a staple of my night time entertainment without holding back any of my tricks, and are a ton of fun to practice with!"
(IJA Medalist & Professional Entertainer)
California, USA

Aldair Espinosa

"Diaglo LED Handsticks are the most comfortable LED sticks I've tried, first of all because they're so light and feels like DEOS. My favorite thing about this handsticks is that the LED works with clock battery! I think that is an advantage, you don't have to be worried about charging every 1-2 hours your sticks..."
Mexico CIty, MX
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