Creating a super bright stick

My name is Chris Garcia and I am the creator of DiaGlo LED Diabolo Sticks. I've been diaboloing since 2003 and created DiaGlo in 2015 for my fire and LED show at California's Great America Halloween Haunt.

After trying other brands of LED sticks, I was not fully satisfied and found it difficult to do many of the tricks I've come to learn. This was mainly due to the sticks being too heavy or too bendable, and some sticks didn't light up all the way. During creation I tested multiple materials, lights, and designs, and ultimately ended up with what I'm now selling to you. I created multiple designs that play well with different styles, the Lightweight V2 are great for diaboloists that are used to carbon sticks, while the Standard V1 feels right for people used to heavier metal sticks. I decided to used LEDs many jugglers may already have for their LED juggling props.

One pair of these sticks was able to last me 50 shows (15 minutes each) and are still holding up strong. The lights themselves lasted me through half of those shows before replacing the batteries (5 hours stage time).

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Get your set today! I usually attend juggling festivals with extra sets on me to sell. You can also order and get them shipped internationally to you, just go to the main page and use the online store to fill out your order.

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