Frequently Asked Questions

What countries can you ship to?

I can ship to most countries around the world. Just use the online store, and on checkout you can choose which mailing options are right for your country.

How much do the sticks weigh?

DiaGlo Standard V1 weighs 50 grams per stick (100 grams a set)
DiaGlo Lightweight V2 weighs 35 grams per stick (70 grams a set)

How long are the sticks?

The sticks are roughly around 30 centimeters. If desired, I can customize the length to be shorter or longer for you. Just put a note in your order, or email me so I know to do so.

What batteries do they use?

Each light kit uses 3x LR43 watch batteries. They roughly last ~5 hours of play depending on the type of battery used.

Do you have rechargeable batteries?

At the moment no, but I am working hard to design a custom light kit with this option.

What are your future plans?

I'm currently working hard to create DiaGlo Next Gen v3. It will have customizable weight options so you can choose for it to be lightweight or heavy. I'm also working on creating DiaGlo Sync, which will be rechargeable and have a mobile app to allow for color changing and programming. I am working on DiaGlo Pixel which will be able to make images while being swung around while also being rechargeable and sync to device. Be sure to spread the word and buy a set of the current versions to help me fund the development of these future designs!

If your questions were not answered here, feel free to email them to me.